How does this proposal differ from manylinux2010?

PEP 513: manylinux1

PEP 571: The manylinux2010 Platform Tag (latest, as of 2019)

On Monday, August 19, 2019, Dan Stromberg <> wrote:
Hi folks.
I have a pair of ideas about Linux binary wheels, which are currently (I heard) unsupported.
It seems like it should be possible to support Linux binary wheels using one or both of these technologies: is a service that builds packages for a variety of Linuxes
* Docker could be used to automate the building of wheels for a handful of Linuxes with minimal dependencies.  It seems like if you get Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, Fedora/CentOS, openSUSE and perhaps one or two others, that would cover almost all Linuxes and Linux users.

I'm up to my hears in commitments already, but I sincerely someone will grab onto one or both of these possibilities and run with them.
Thanks for reading.