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* A lot of the technology in this stack is particularly old, and lacks a lot of the modern day affordances that newer things have. An example is being able to edit a discussion post to fix typos that can hinder the ability of others to actually understand whats being talked about. In your typical mailing list or IRC there’s no mechanism by which you can edit an already sent message, so your only option is to either let the problem ride and hope it doesn’t trip up too many people, or send an additional message to correct the error. However these show up as additional, later messages which someone might not even see until they’ve already been thoroughly confused by the first message (since people tend to read email/IRC in a linear fashion).

Issues, Pull Requests, Wikis, and Team Discussions are all editable.

Though one thing I've noticed is that a lot of issues get created and responded to via email clients that hide the existing message so someone will say "I agree" or worse, +1, and then there's 400 line of email. I don't know if GH has fixed the display on those things yet.


There's now mobile reaction support; so you can click 'view on github' in the email footer and thumbs up/down a message.

GitHub just added Hide and Edit comment options for maintainers:


Trimming replies is a lot of work on a mobile device:
- With a keyboard, shift-<down/right> selects complete lines
- You can also <click>, <shift>+<click> to select text

Generally, I try and follow up and clean up formatting and remove any email signature footer after email-replying to add a comment to a GitHub issue.

There are mobile GitHub apps; though sometimes not replying until I have a real keyboard is the better option... Far preferable to it.