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As most people are aware, there has been an effort under way to rewrite PyPI in
order to solve a lot of long standing problems. For those who aren't aware, that
is currently available at https://pypi.org/ and it uses the same database that
"Legacy" PyPI does, so the two are essentially just different views over the
same data.

Great, thank you all for the effort!

As I'm used to keep an eye from time to time on https://pypi.python.org/pypi,
just to spot relevant upgrades, or see something new that catches my
attention, I wonder if the new interface offers a similar view, or some kind
of RSS feed, with more than the five "New Releases" box.

Can you open an issue on https://github.com/pypa/warehouse? I think we could probably add something along this lines. At a minimum an RSS feed should be easy (which I think we already have, but it may not be a great one) but I’m thinking maybe the search interface could allow ordering by last update too, then you can search for nothing and get the most recently updated things across the entire site, but it would also let you search for say “Django” and get the most recently updated things that have to do with Django.

Oh never mind, this already works: https://pypi.org/search/?q=&o=-created

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