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Using Distribute in my setup.py, how do I best ensure that pkg_resources gets installed along with my package? I've tried 'install_requires=["setuptools>=0.6"]' as an argument to setup(), but setuptools didn't get installed.

I don't know about Distribute, but it should definitely get installed if you're using setuptools.  Under what installation scenario(s) did setuptools *not* get installed?

Basically, my project bundles Distribute through distribute_setup.py, so Distribute doesn't need to be preinstalled. When I try to install my project (through 'python setup.py install') on a machine without setuptools/pkg_resources installed, however, setuptools does not get installed.

I'll try to reduce this to a simple case, i.e. a dummy project that requires setuptools.

This is strange, with a super-simple case (see attachment), Distribute gets installed without even having to state install_requires. Apparently, Distribute is supposed to install itself automatically. I wonder what goes wrong in my more elaborate project..