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If the packages cannot be found in the URLs that I specify in find-links
easy_install always checks pypi.

Is there some way to prevent this? I'd like to ensure that pypi is never


You can use the --allow-hosts option to filter out authorized sites

see :


Although, I think you might encouter a bug with links starting with file://

The next setuptools release will fix that bug.  

Great thanks
But really, there's very little reason to use file:// links, anyway.  The only thing they do differently from plain paths is that if you use a file:// url to point to an HTML file, easy_install will scan it for links.  (It doesn't do that for regular filenames.)  So, unless you are using HTML files for your local index, there's no need to use file:// urls with --find-links.

Yes that was it, a local html file built by a third party script,