Forgive me if I'm missing something but doesn't license-file provides this functionality (see for an example.

I surmise not enough people use it although it's readily available?

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On Sat, Feb 22, 2020, 13:35 Steve Jorgensen <> wrote:
Steve Jorgensen wrote:
> The project I am working on now needs to include license files for all of the 3rd party
> code that it includes. Since license files are not included in distribution packages, the
> process for doing this is exceedingly complex, error prone, and in some cases, impossible.
> The build process builds URLs to license files in package source code repositories based
> on version number, but this is dependent upon several things…
> The source code repository is accessible via the Internet and still exists.
> There is a tag for each version (not always true).
> Tags follow a consistent naming pattern with respect to version numbers (not always
> true).
> I believe that it makes sense to provide a standard means for distribution packages to
> include license files and then encourage package authors to use it.

This would be similar to `{ "license" : "SEE LICENSE IN <filename>" }` in an npm package. See also .
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