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> > Does anyone have any thoughts?
> Note that there is one situation where scripts for multiple Python versions reside in the same directory: per-user site-packages (PEP 370). If you install a package which has scripts and you don't write versioned scripts, a second installation of that package (with a different Python version) will cause the first script to be overwritten. Much of the time this won't matter, but there might be scenarios where it does.
> It may also give a problem when uninstalling, or when verifying the installation (as the hash of an overwritten script may not match what's expected, as per the original installation).
> To avoid overwriting, one would need to write versioned scripts *only* :-)

Speaking of which, it's worth describing exactly what we had to do for ensurepip. That has 3 configurations:

POSIX system default: pip3, pip3.4
Windows & venv default: pip, pip3, pip3.4
Alt install: pip3.4

There's currently an issue where "make altinstall && make install" is slightly broken, as it won't add the missing "pip3" command.

So consider me in the school that suggests this be a standard installer feature that can be applied to any entry point script, rather than something that varies by project.


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