I've been working on a game and engine written in python, and I'm at the stage where I am thinking about release engineering. Obviously distutils has been used up until now for packaging and installation on my test rig. However, I would like to create an iso of the game + source for distribution on CD (or DVD or multiple-CDs)

My ideal is something like:

python setup.py bdist --formats win32, linux, macOSx --type iso

and it would create a "standard" game CD iso (or mutiple isos), where the user puts it in their computer and can install the game in the method traditional to the OS. A bonus would be if the three installs shared data, so there was only one copy of the music, art, game data, etc. Another bonus would be if it handled installing python on the target machine.

As far as I can tell distutils "only" goes as far as packaging it up into a neat package.

Does anyone have any stories on getting their python project into an iso-style format?


PS I am in awe of distutils.