Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
1) The Python StrictVersion and LooseVersion classes in Setuptools used to validate and compare versions are incompatible with RPM's lexicographical order. Even the setuptools metadata documentation, which is in full force and implemented, says alpha and beta and rc are expressly permitted (and ENCOURAGED) in the version name, and setuptools' dependency resolution actually uses that information.
Then this is a 'setuptools' ERROR.  Go fix it in setuptools.  If setuptools creates lexigraphically stupid version and release strings that are incompatible with RPM then that is a 'setuptools' problem, NOT a bdist_rpm problem.

Go fix 'setuptools'.

Again,  I'm a big -1 on this patch.  There is nothing broken in 'bdist_rpm'.   But there is obviously something broken in 'setuptools'.