Hi all,

PyPi does not allow duplicate file names -- this makes lots of sense, because you really don't want people to go to PyPi one day and grab a file, and then go there another day, grab a file with exactly the same name, and have it be a different file.


We are all too human, and make mistakes when doing a release. All to often someone pushed a broken file up to PyPi, often realizes it pretty quickly -- before anyone has a chance to even download it (or only the dev team as, for testing...). 

In fact, I was in a sprint last summer, and we decided to push our  package up to PyPi -- granted, we were all careless amateurish noobs, but we ended up making I think 4! minor version bumps because we had done something stupid in the sdist.

Also -- the latest numpy  release got caught in this, too:

* We ran into a problem with pipy not allowing reuse of filenames and a
  resulting proliferation of *.*.*.postN releases. Not only were the names
  getting out of hand, some packages were unable to work with the postN

So -- I propose that PyPi allow projects to replace existing files if they REALLY REALLY want to.

You should have to jump through all sorts of hoops, and make it really clear that it is a BAD IDEA in the general case, but it'd be good to have it be possible.

After all -- PyPi does not take on responsibility for anything else about what's in those packages, and Python itself is all about "we're all consenting adults here"

I suppose we could even put in some heuristics about how long the file as been there, how many times it's been downloaded, etc.

Just a thought.....I really hate systems that don't let me roll back mistakes, even when I discover them almost immediately...



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