Hi all,

I'm wondering if it is possibly to build pre-release tags using only a setup.cfg file? From https://setuptools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/userguide/distribution.html#tagging-and-daily-build-or-snapshot-releases it seems like this is possible via setup.py, but I was unable to find anything related to setup.cfg. An abridged version of my setup.cfg file looks like

name = tester_project
version = attr: tester_project.__version__


requires =
  setuptools >= 40.9.0
build-backend = setuptools.build_meta

Which I was building using

$ python -m build --sdist --wheel --outdir dist

Possibly this can be configured using the --config-setting flag but I have been unable to get this to work or find any documentation on it. Ideally I would be able to pass a string so I can build a dev version for testing uploads to Test PyPI, e.g. "0.0.1devHASH"

Any info or references is much appreciated!