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Heh, that’s actually a hold over from before we made specifiers mandatory. That needs updated.

you mean made operators mandatory?
so the bit about "version identifier without any comparison operator" needs to be removed?


Originally PEP 426 changed the syntax to be ``foo (==2.0)`` and such, and in that regards it made sense
to indicate a default operation for ``foo (2.0)``. However we removed them because:

* That syntax is backwards incompatible with the syntax that setuptools uses, and it’s sort of a pain to
  enter on the CLI.
* A default isn’t that useful, no matter what we pick it’s going to be wrong, originally PEP 386 had it
  equal to == (but a weird == that doesn’t make sense to me), then PEP 440 originally changed it to
  ~= but that doesn’t make sense for date based releases which would be better implemented as
  >= or >.

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