On 1 June 2013 16:00, Chris Withers <chris@simplistix.co.uk> wrote:
I'm afraid I need to -1 on this. If I'm developing a new package, I try and avoid putting a release on PyPI until I have something stable, but I'll often put up an entry on PyPI explaining where the code is being developed.

Working on a project for a year only to find that someone else has stolen your package name on PyPI (playing devils advocate here, lets say they saw the development of GitHub and knew a release was brewing, etc) and having to go through and rename everything seems unfairly painful...

I'd say that at a minimum, no deletion should happen without the author being contacted. As long as there's an author email, and the author actually replies to emails saying "do you mind if I take  over this project name".

I'm -1 on anything that doesn't involve at least a minimal level of human involvement (possibly excepting an initial clean up exercise for projects with no author email)