On Jan 2, 2015, at 11:47 AM, Vladimir Diaz <vladimir.v.diaz@gmail.com> wrote:

I prefer pulling the TUF PEPs (available on hg.python.org) into github.com/pypa.

Please add Justin, Linda, Trishank, and myself as collaborators:
P.S. Donald helped tremendously with the snapshot process, Ed25519 library, ideas, and feedback.  I think that earns a spot on the authors list.

I’ve gone ahead and imported PEP 458 and the three image files it uses into https://github.com/pypa/interoperability-peps and added the above names as contributors. I probably won’t get to it today but I’ll try to get to it tomorrow to go through PEP 458 and PR/issue what I can find.

Donald Stufft
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