On 22 July 2012 08:32, Menghsiu Lee <menghsiu.lee@gmail.com> wrote:
To whom it may concern:
I read the response on the link below:

And I follow your instruction, but then the exe file has idled.
The attachment is my screen cut.
The complete file link is in below:

Please don't post links to .rar files. The reason you got such an unfriendly response on python-list is that instead of explaining your problem you were expecting others to download a .rar file from an untrusted source. This is what someone might do if they were trying to spread viruses.

You've attached your code this time, which is better, but you can't expect someone to simply download your code files look through them, guess what you're trying to do and tell you how to make it work. You need to explain:
1) What you are trying to do
2) What steps you took
3) What is not working

Also, I think your problem is with py2exe, in which case you might have better luck using the py2exe-users mailing list: