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I, for one, am happy that this conversation is happening because I
wasn't aware of other communities that did this (but was aware that it
happened on PyPI). That said, I would really appreciate people's
suggestions be contained to improving the process, not towards
modifying PyPI. At this point, as I understand it, PyPI is incredibly
hard to modify safely for a number of reasons that others are likely
better to speak to. Warehouse has a clear definition, design,  and
goals and I don't know if adding these on after-the-fact in a
semi-haphazard way will improve anything. The more useful discussion
right now will be to talk about process and how we can improve it and
help Richard with it.

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For the record, CPAN and npm both have similar things allowing someone to take
over an abandoned project.

I don’t believe ruby gems has an official policy and it appears that they are hesitant
to do this form the threads I’ve seen (Though they mentioned doing it for _why).

Most of the Linux distros have some mechanism for someone to claim that a particular
package in the distro is no longer maintained and to attempt to take it over, though
that is somewhat different.

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