On Wed, May 31, 2017, at 08:20 PM, Donald Stufft wrote:
I am struggling to figure out where there is opposition to simply exposing something in a standard way, that you were already planning on implementing anyways.

I have issues with it because:
1. Building a *release-quality* sdist is a complicated topic in its own right, and I'd like to move forwards with what we've already defined for building wheels without getting mired in that debate.
2. I think it's a mistake to conflate "get the files we need to build this project" with "make a source distribution", and I don't want one hook to be used for both operations. Flit can do the former very easily, and in situations where it cannot do the latter.
  a) If pip uses the hook for the former purpose, and I implement it with that in mind, it will give poor results if other tools use it to release an sdist.
  b) If the hook properly makes an sdist, it will fail in situations where it can do what pip needs, and it will be unnecessarily slow even where it succeeds.