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Stuart McGraw <> wrote:

First time trying to use Python's package tools and I'm attempting to use pip to install from a local project:

 python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade --no-deps ./

I have a simple directory structure very similar to that recommended in


The project/data/ directory contains several GB of stuff I use during development. It is not supposed to be part of the package and it is not mentioned in

The problem is when I run the install command above it takes many minutes to finish. When I move the project/data/ sub-directory out of the project/ directory, it takes a few seconds.

I thought perhaps that "packages=setuptools.find_packages()" in my file might be the culprit but replacing in with "packages=['mypackage']" made no difference.

I'm not sure why pip seems to be roaming through project/data/ (if that's what's happening) but is there some way to get it not to? My apologies if this is covered in the docs somewhere; I'm still going though them but didn't see anything with an initial scan.

If it helps, here is my file:

 setuptools.setup (
 package_data={'mypackage': ['data/*.csv', 'tmpl/*.jinja',]},
 zip_safe = False,
 install_requires = ['jinja2',], )

Thanks for any enlightenment.
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