Following up on some IRC discussion with other folks:

There is precedent (Plone) for PyPI trove classifiers corresponding to particular versions of a framework. So I'd like to get feedback on the idea of expanding that, particularly in the case of Django.

The rationale here is that the ecosystem of Django-related packages is quite large, but -- as I know all too well from a project I'm working on literally at this moment -- it can be difficult to ensure that all of one's dependencies are compatible with the version of Django one happens to be using.

Adding trove classifier support at the level of individual versions of Django would, I think, greatly simplify this: tools could easily analyze which packages are compatible with an end user's chosen version, there'd be far less manual guesswork, etc., and the rate of creation of new classifiers would be relatively low (we tend to have one X.Y release/year or thereabouts, and that's the level of granularity needed).

Assuming there's consensus around the idea of doing this, what would be the correct procedure for getting such classifiers set up and maintained?