> The policy doesn't make sense in the example I quoted if you read the
> comments. Look where it says upgrade to 0.9.2beta3 yet the example
> shows beta2.

I already told you that you need to bump the release to if you want beta3 to upgrade beta2. This is for good reason.

> I can see that what is trying to be done is to add extra numerics just
> to make the numerics significant and then basically you can ignore the
> beta, alpha, etc. But this is more confusing than helpful and its not
> necessary to make things lexically ordered.

Actually not totally true, b comes after a, so an alpha package with the same release integer as a beta package would be upgraded by the beta package.

> The goal is proper lexical ordering so that rpm/yum is happy and
> packages will upgrade correctly. And either form accomplishes this.

Yet the policy says dots and the policy applies to over 10000 packages already built in the Fedora and RHEL / CentOS repos.


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