Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le mercredi 01 octobre 2008 à 14:39 -0400, Phillip J. Eby a écrit :
To be clear, I mean here that a "file" (as opposed to a resource) is 
something that the user is expected to be able to read or copy, or 
modify.  (Whereas a resource is something that is entirely internal 
to a library, and metadata is information *about* the library itself.)

It’s not as simple as that. Python is not the only thing out there, and
there are many times where your resources need to be shipped in existing
formats, in files that land at specific places. For example icons go
in /usr/share/icons, locale files in .mo format in /usr/share/locale,

Perhaps I'm putting words into PJE's mouth but it seems to me that if distributions want to put things in widely differing places from where the developer had them (in a single tree), then we're going to need a Python standard library API (implemented per platform/OS that defines those places!) for the code to find these resources/files.   Certainly the expectation shouldn't be on developers to have to handle all the possible different locations OSes are going to put things?

-- Dave