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> hi Everyone,
> I am using Python 2.7, so how do I install pysetup. though when I install
> distutils1.0a3 I do see distutils module in my interactive session but I
> dont see any pysetup being installed

That "release" is pretty old, and I'm not sure it even includes the
pysetup script.  If you're going to be doing d2 development you're
best off getting the latest source from hg:

You should also make sure to get the latest cpython repo from
http://hg.python.org/cpython to work on packaging.  Though I don't
know exactly what the current policy is on merging from packaging to
distutils2 or vice-versa, so I'm not the best person to comment on


Ok, I will try installing it tonight from tarek's, and will let you know. Also some time ago, I was trying to package it for Fedora 16 and I faced similar problem with that, pysetup not getting installed.

Also @tarek, if possible Please update python-side for the package

And why do I need latest cython for distutils? I would be using 2.X and not 3.X
> Also, I had previously come in contact with merwok and I would be applying
> in GSoC this year under PSF for distutils2 project (as I believe PSF will be
> under GSoC and distutils will surely be accepted), so I am writing to seek
> help on what all things should be my target, and how do I move ahead.
> Currently, I am trying to work on the ]issue 12944 but due to certain
> constraints things are not geared up, though I hope they would soon be :)
> Please guide me and drop-in all your suggestions
> Regards
> Vikash Agrawal

Waiting for guidance

Vikash Agrawal

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