Greetings one and all!

Each year millions of eyes around the world eagerly wait at their computer with baited breath to learn the timing of the most fabulous, extravagant, decadent and hyperbolically oversold event of the year: The Python Packaging Summit. While most of the details aren't finalized (and in fact basically no details are finalized), in the interest of giving those who would like to attend a chance at some additional notice on their travel plans, we have established that the date of the summit: Thursday, 16 April 2020 (the day before the first PyCon talk day).

For the past two years we've unofficially held our mini-summit on the first day of PyCon Sprints, but given that this summit is of particular interest to maintainers - many of whom would like to spend the first day of sprints actually sprinting - we have decided to run the summit on the tutorials day parallel to the Education Summit. We have applied for a spot in the Hatchery program, but even if we are not accepted as an official PyCon evenat, we will make arrangements to run the summit off-site on that day.

For those unaware of the nature of the summit, you may want to pay attention to the "hyperbolically oversold" portion of my description less than the "decadent" and "extravagant" portions. The purpose of the summit is to get a bunch of people interested in Python Packaging together to discuss and coordinate on important topics in packaging and how we can move them forward. If you are on the fence about joining and want to know more, here are some detailed notes taken at the summit last year:

As I mentioned earlier, we have finalized essentially no details of this summit other than the date. I do not know how many people will be able to attend or by what mechanism we will prioritize attendance at the summit if there is limited space.

In the coming months please keep an eye out for:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!