On 10 July 2013 05:19, Carl Meyer <carl@oddbird.net> wrote:
> It's my understanding that people still install virtualenv in py3k.

They certainly do today, but that's primarily because pyvenv isn't very
useful yet, since the stdlib has no installer and thus a newly-created
pyvenv has no way to install anything in it.

One other problem I have, personally, with pyvenv, is that the activate code for powershell is significantly less user-friendly than that in virtualenv. Add to that the fact that the Python release cycle is significantly slower than that of virtualenv, and using dev versions of Python is far less practical for day to day use, and that's why I stick to virtualenv at the moment (that and the pip point mentioned already).

I really ought to post a patch for Python to upgrade the activate script to use the one from virtualenv. Are there any licensing/ownership issues that might make this problematic? For example, the script is signed and I don't know if that signature is attributable to someone specific...