Hi Quinten,

Thanks for reporting these issues!  By the way, there is no need to wait before reporting any issue that you see.  Although I sometimes find bugs before users do, it has never happened that a user has reported an issue that I had already identified on my own, or that another user had reported to me.

1. There was a problem with date validation being imposed even when a date was not required.  Sorry about that -- this will be fixed in 0.1.48.  As for the issue with the default date, I think the issue is that web browsers expect dates to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.  If you put your default date in that format, the browsers will respect it.  I imagine this is because the YYYY-MM-DD is universal, whereas our American date format of MM/DD/YYYY is not, even though it is superior to the way people in other countries write dates.  The date picker widgets in Chrome, Safari, and Edge put dates into the YYYY-MM-DD format.

2. Yes, you can put an image in a "terms" popover.  In 0.1.47 and earlier, you needed to use a "fully qualified" image reference, like "docassemble.gbls:data/static/summons_and_complaint.png" to get an image to appear in a popover, but in 0.1.48 I have fixed it so markup like yours should work.

Version 0.1.48 is up on GitHub and PyPI now.


On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 4:11 PM, Steenhuis, Quinten <QSteenhuis@gbls.org> wrote:


Quick issues I first saw a while ago, but still see on the latest 0.1.47 (let me know if better to submit on Github):


1.       I can’t seem to set a default date using Chrome, and date validation prevents me from marking the date optional.


Here’s what I tried:

question: Hearing Date


  - What date is your first hearing in court?: eviction.originaldate

    datatype: date

    default: "1/1/2017”

    required: False


In IE 11, there’s no date selector but the default date and hint both work. It still rejects an empty date. Edge opens the date selector, with the current date highlighted (not the default date set in the interview)


2.       Is it possible to display an image in the glossary/terms bubble that pops up? I’m trying to use the glossary to show a pop-up example of where to locate information on a form. I get an error message. I think that the path is correct because I used the same file reference to display the image in the body of the document. If it makes a difference, my glossary is in a separate file. The image is located in the static folder of the playground, and I only specify the filename like this:   [FILE summons_and_complaint.png]



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