Hi Rocky,

For an example of retrieving an assembled document through an API, check out the code example at the end of this subsection:


This uses the special dictionary url_args.  The "API" call is made through a GET request.  I don't have an option (yet) for making such calls with a POST request.

If you want to use an "API key" for such requests, you could have some "initial" code in the interview that looks for an API key in url_args and returns an error message if the API key is invalid.

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 11:15 AM, Rocky Mehta <rockymehta@gtpartners.biz> wrote:
Just curious if anyone or the creator has an idea that if we want to call the docassemble system through an API by passing in variables, and having a template document attachment created is possible?
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