Creo que vamos a necesitar hacer lo que dice ahí con pomerge para traernos lo nuevo de 3.8 y mezclarlo con lo que tenemos de 3.7

El flow que plantea ahí parece sencillo. Le tengo fé.

On 5/3/20 1:57 PM, Raúl Cumplido wrote:

Creo que éste hilo es interesante para los que estamos aquí.


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From: Julien Palard via Translation <translation@python.org>
Date: Sun, 3 May 2020, 13:42
Subject: [Translation] Re: Published docs and translation of other branches
To: Rafael Fontenelle <rffontenelle@gmail.com>
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Hi Raphael,

On 5/3/20 3:57 AM, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:
> Do you believe pomerge is suitable for translation teams using Transifex?
> Right now I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to update
> older branches' translations which are still periodically updated in
> docs.python.org, and I'm between
> 1- tx-pulling translations for python-newest (currently 3.8) and then
> using pomerge in older branches;
> 2- or running pt_BR's Makefile in other branches as well to pull and commit.

When we tried transifex, we had to synchronize both ways (from and to
transifex, as we had more work done on github than on transifex), we
used the following flow:

     tx pull -f --parallel
     pomerge --from-files *.po */*.po
     git checkout -- .  # everything is in pomerge memory anyway
     pomerge --no-overwrite --mark-as-fuzzy --to-files *.po */*.po
     powrap --modified
     git add -p
     git commit -m "tx pull"
     tx push -t -f --no-interactive --parallel

We use powrap [1] a lot, to avoid tx messing with our po files, and keep
differences as tight as possible.

Notice the "--mark-as-fuzzy", it was usefull to us as the main work was
on github, and translations from transifex quality was really low, but
it may not be usefull in your case, even maybe a pain if the work happen
on transifex.

To answer your question, as tx pull takes hours, I would recommand
pulling once and replicating to old branches using pomerge.

Using a "tx pull" per branch would only make sense if transifex side you
have one translation per version, in france we're only translating the
current stable version and replicating using pomerge --no-overwrite to
the old one.

[1]: https://pypi.org/project/powrap/
Julien Palard
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