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[issue9204] The documentation of PyType_Type in py3k mentions types.TypeType
by Daniel Urban
11 years

[issue9195] Link in docs from "String Formatting Operations" to "Template Strings"
by Craig McQueen
11 years

[issue9138] Tutorial: classes intro paragraph icky
by Aahz
11 years

[issue9117] class syntax not fully documented in reference manual
by Mark Dickinson
11 years

[issue9112] argparse missing documentation for error() method
by Mark Summerfield
11 years

[issue9105] pickle security note should be more prominent
by anatoly techtonik
11 years

parser library documentation references non-existent
by Bill Zingler
11 years

[issue9086] Wrong linking terminology in windows FAQ
by John Miller
11 years

audioop module documentation bug
by Kalle Karjalainen
11 years

[issue8968] token type constants are not documented
by Ilya Sandler
11 years
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