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[issue8617] Non-existent variables documented
by Dave Abrahams
9 years, 8 months

[issue10423] s/args/options in arpgarse "Upgrading optparse code"
by Steven Bethard
9 years, 10 months

[issue11310] Document byte[s|array]() and byte[s|array](count) in docstrings
by Terry J. Reedy
9 years, 10 months

[issue10713] re module doesn't describe string boundaries for \b
by Ralph Corderoy
9 years, 11 months

[issue9442] Update sys.version doc
by Éric Araujo
9 years, 11 months

[issue9021] no copy.copy problem description
by anatoly techtonik
9 years, 11 months

[issue9637] docs do not say that urllib uses HTTP_PROXY
by Kirikaza
10 years

[issue10772] Several actions for argparse arguments missing from docs
by ipatrol
10 years

[issue9349] document argparse's help=SUPPRESS
by Steven Bethard
10 years

[issue11231] bytes() constructor is not correctly documented
by STINNER Victor
10 years, 1 month
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