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decimal module
by Jure Erznožnik
7 years

collections.Counter - incorrect usage in documentation
by Graeme Stuart
7 years

[issue22892] Typo in Library's 'threading' module section
by Martin Gignac
7 years

doctest documentation suggestion
by Edward Welbourne
7 years

[issue22882] [patch] Linux packages you need to compile Python with all dependencies
by Ludovic Gasc
7 years

[issue22880] docs show optional args incorrectly
by Roy Smith
7 years

Regarding 3.4.2 Documentation download
by Nipun Shakya
7 years

[issue22868] Minor error in the example of filter()
by Yi Bai
7 years

[issue9694] argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments"
by Ryan Hartkopf
7 years

[issue22843] doc error: 6.2.4. Match Objects
by Clayton Kirkwood
7 years
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