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[issue15693] expose glossary link on hover
by Chris Jerdonek
3 weeks

[issue16834] ioctl mutate_flag behavior in regard to the buffer size limit
by Yuval Weinbaum
3 weeks

[issue11176] give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation
by Steven Bethard
3 weeks

[issue12436] Provide reference to detailed installation instructions
by Nick Coghlan
3 weeks

[issue27408] Document implements get_data()
by Brett Cannon
3 weeks

[issue13122] Out of date links in the sidebar of the documentation index of versions 3.1 and 3.2
by Sven Marnach
3 weeks

[issue13433] String format documentation contains error regarding %g
by Christian Iversen
3 weeks

[issue11346] Generator object should be mentioned in gc module document
by Atsuo Ishimoto
3 weeks, 1 day

[issue26205] Inconsistency concerning nested scopes
by Roscoe R.Higgins
3 weeks, 2 days

[issue14379] Several traceback docs improvements
by anatoly techtonik
3 weeks, 2 days
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