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[issue34601] Typo: "which would rather raise MemoryError than give up", than or then?
by David Lin
3 years

Pyton 2.7.14 Multiprocessing Pool Join Hanging
by Smirnov
3 years

[issue34580] sqlite doc: clarify the scope of the context manager
by Karthikeyan Singaravelan
3 years

[issue34549] unittest docs could use another header
by Nick
3 years

Doc - 1.4. The Module’s Method Table and Initialization Function
by Johannes Müller
3 years

Bug in the glossary documentation.
by Никита Люшненко
3 years

[issue13081] Crash in Windows with unknown cause
by Zachary Ware
3 years

[issue34500] Fix ResourceWarning in
by Mickaël Schoentgen
3 years

[issue23460] Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules
by Lorenz Mende
3 years
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