docs October 2020
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[issue39090] Document various options for getting the absolute path from pathlib.Path objects
by Brett Cannon
23 minutes

[issue16954] Add docstrings for ElementTree module
by Serhiy Storchaka
2 days, 23 hours

[issue27646] yield from expression can be any iterable
by Terry J. Reedy
3 days, 12 hours

[issue13433] String format documentation contains error regarding %g
by Christian Iversen
6 days

[issue29086] Document C API that is not part of the limited API
by Serhiy Storchaka
6 days, 4 hours

[issue20364] Rename & explain sqlite3.Cursor.execute 'parameters' param
by Terry J. Reedy
1 week, 1 day

[issue35026] Winreg's documentation lacks mentioning required permission at some points
by George Fischhof
1 week, 1 day

[issue32824] Docs: Using Python on a Macintosh has bad info per Apple site
by Frank Griswold
2 weeks, 2 days

[issue35295] Please clarify whether PyUnicode_AsUTF8AndSize() or PyUnicode_AsUTF8String() is preferred
by Marcin Kowalczyk
2 weeks, 5 days

[issue20464] Update distutils sample config file in Doc/install/index.rst
by Zachary Ware
2 weeks, 6 days
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