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[issue42996] hashlib documentation references an obsolete RFC 2898
by Illia Volochii
4 hours, 48 minutes

[issue42982] Update suggested number of iterations for pbkdf2_hmac()
by Illia Volochii
5 hours, 41 minutes

[issue42993] doc xml.etree.ElementTree.ElementTree.write does not mention attribute order
by Christian Buhtz
7 hours, 7 minutes

[issue36769] doc Document that fnmatch.filter supports any kind of iterable not just lists
by Andrés Delfino
1 day, 12 hours

[issue14191] argparse doesn't allow optionals within positionals
by Tadek Kijkowski
2 days, 5 hours

asyncio doc bug
by Bas Terwijn
2 days, 9 hours

[issue42948] bytearray.copy is undocumented
by wim glenn
4 days, 8 hours

[issue42705] Intercepting thread lock objects not working under context managers
by Mohamad Kanj
4 days, 15 hours

[issue42945] weakref.finalize documentation contradicts itself RE: finalizer callback or args referencing object
by Ryan Heisler
4 days, 23 hours

by Mrigank Shekhar
6 days, 11 hours
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