Sorry I meant list.index of course not list.count. The issue remains for list.index. Sorry for my mistake.


On 2 November 2016 at 14:46, <> wrote:
On 2016/11/02 14:28:21, ChrisRands wrote:
> Thanks to Mariatta for the patch, which addresses the issue, so I
think it can
> be applied to the Python 3 and 2 documentation. One point, I do not
know when
> the start and stop arguments were added to list.count (or if they
> existed). I have only tested them in Python2.7 and Python3.5.

Thanks ChrisRands :)
I'm a bit confused with your comment about list.count. list.count does
not take start, stop arguments.
Perhaps you are thinking about str.count which has been documented