Your True clause (when it prints "Valid Type") will only be True when all the following conditions are True :

Clearly these three things can't be True at the same time, so it executes the 'else' clause.

You wont get an error when you use isinstance - it simply returns False if the variable isn't the type you asked about.

There is a bug here - but it is in your code.

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I am a beginner, but still you must see this prob.
See this code:

If i will Put the value of X = 1,
it will show Not Valid! ,
At this moment python should show an error that , how can be the variable X , be int and float at the same time ,
But still it shows Not Valid!
I think it needs to be fixed to make python more intelligent language.

if isinstance(x, int) and isinstance(x, float) and x=='1':
print("Valid type!")
print("Not valid!")

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