I start off this email with wishing everybody a good health.

The documentation
python tutorial  release 3.6.10 has got an error.

paragraph 2.1.1 Argument parsing

it reads : when no script and no arguments are given, sys.argv[0] is an empty string.
When the script name is given as '-' (meaning standard input), sys.argv[0] is set to '-'. When -c command is used, sys.argv[0] is set to '-c'. When -m module is used, sys.argv[0] is set to the full name of the located module. Options found after -c command or -m module are not consumed by the Python interpreter’s option processing but left in sys.argv
for the command or module to handle.

That should be sys.argv[1]. sys.argv[0] gives the full path of the interpreted used.
An example:
In [2]: print(sys.argv)                                                                 
['/usr/bin/ipython3', '-c', 'print("data")', '-i']

I used python 3.8.5

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