Hi Zach,

Thanks for the response! I just retried it and also got the B B B that the doc says I should get.
Which is probably a good reason to remind myself not to try to correct things when I'm a newbie.
Except of course, who else reads tutorials, except newbies?

Unfortunately, my original work was all done in interactive mode, but after playing around a bit, I suspect I might have defined all my classes with Exception as the parm rather than the previous class.
class B(Exception):
class C(Exception):
class D(Exception):
When I do that, I get the behavior I reported.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

I'm loving Python so far!


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Hi Randy,

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 1:19 PM, Randy Duncan <randy.duncan@ibm.com> wrote:
> I believe I found an erroneous statement in the Python tutorials.
> In section 8.3 found here (
> There is a section showing how to handle exceptions which works as
> advertised:
> However, the next line in the tutorial state this:
> Note that if the except clauses were reversed (with except B first), it
> would have printed B, B, B — the first matching except clause is triggered.
> I re-entered the example and reversed the except clauses, and got this
> result which does not match the statement:

Thanks for the report!  However, I just tried it myself and got the
output predicted by the docs.  Can you show how you defined B, C, and