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Hello everyone,

For about 20 months now, I have been working on a Python package intended to help beginners figure out what went wrong when their program generates a traceback. This package is called Friendly-traceback; you can find the fairly extensive documentation at https://aroberge.github.io/friendly-traceback-docs/docs/html/

Hi André --

I'm reading your docs now.

When I start into Python with beginners, I'll typically start with:

>>> dir( )  # how will HyperKitty mangle this?

showing what's in the namespace, the names Python 
knows when "in" the namespace.

But then the question right away arises:  where are 
print, hex, str, dict... all these names Python knows?

Answer (as we all know):  __builtins__

So then I do a dir(__builtins__) 

I think you mean simply  __builtins__, without the dir().  I use "pretty" from Rich (https://rich.readthedocs.io/en/latest/introduction.html?highlight=pretty#python-in-the-repl) so that dicts are nicely formatted.


[ pray to HyperKitty for no mangling ] and they see:

Wow! Lots and Lots of names (so that's where 
everyone has been hiding), many with Error 
and/or Warning in them.  Those come at the top
as dir returns string elements alphabetically and
capitalized Exceptions list up top (or leftmost).

This will be my bridge to your Friendly-Traceback 
utility i.e. here would be an (early, introductory) 
example of a 3rd party project aimed at helping 
a beginner get the most out of the Python experience.  

Tracebacks themselves have that purpose already, 
and you're enhancing that existing capability, which is 
easy for beginners to understand. Make a good thing

A current weakness in my curriculum is I don't spend 
enough time on IDE features relating to debugging and 
live inspecting of what's in the namespace.  I demonstrate 
a lot using Spyder, assuring them a different IDE is just 
fine.  Spyder has features that make it great for screen 
sharing Python, such as scrollback, the %magics, embedded 

Anyway, my point is Exceptions and the Tracebacks they 
occasion, deserve a direct and early discussion, as any 
beginner is likely to stumble across both in the course of 
ordinary REPL use.

I'm still adding pages to my most recent iteration of an Elite
School (and I do have synchronous students -- we meet once a 
week).  We'll be discussing your innovative enhancements.  
Ideally, at least one of us (most likely me) will install it and 
do Show & Tell (a Lightning Talk).

Back to reading the docs...