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Thanks.  Yes, I'll add some links to the docs as you suggest.  Great feedback!

Glad to be helpful.

I've trimmed out the text I'm not replying to and tried to use plaintext only in order to: make sure the thread stays below the 40K limit, and make it easy to reply inline without breaking HTML tags.

Actually as part of my class I'm showing them edu-sig and other python.org lists, so we were actually viewing this conversation.  I'll extend that to showing your corrections, as I want to demonstrate how the Python community all teaches each other, is friendly and so on.

Code review with pull requests / merge requests and GitHub, Gerrit, GitLab etc is an essential skill.

Src: https://github.com/jupyter/nbdime
Docs: https://nbdime.readthedocs.io/

> nbdime provides tools for diffing and merging of Jupyter Notebooks.

There are a number of real-time collaborative platforms for working with notebooks (CoCalc, Colab, )

https://hypothes.is highlights and annotations work on anything with a URL, are threaded, and support Markdown.