Hi Everyone,

As informed earlier, PyConf Hyderabad[0] is happening on 07-08 December at IIIT-Hyderabad. This email is to notify that the Workshop schedule is out now. You can check out the schedule and the workshop details on our website[1].

If you haven't bought your workshop tickets[2] yet please buy it soon as we only have limited seats left.

Do spread the word on social media and in your network and help us make the event a grand success.

In case you are not following us on our social media channels, then please do at [3][4][5].

[0] - https://pyconf.hydpy.org/2019/
[1] - https://pyconf.hydpy.org/2019/index.html#schedule-section
[2] - https://www.townscript.com/e/pyconf-hyderabad-2019/booking
[3] - https://twitter.com/hydPython
[4] - https://twitter.com/pyconfhyd
[5] - bit.ly/join-hydpy

Team HydPy