With just 4 days left to the conference, and 200+ attendees already registered, this KDE Conference India is going to be biggest one yet!
At the conference, you will get to hear from renowned, national and international speakers from the Free and Open Source Software domain, get to know more about the successes of KDE Kerala, latest and greatest features of Qt used by KDE developers and even workshops on CMake, Qt and Kirigami from the best KDE developers we could muster. What's not lo love? :D
To check out the schedule yourself, visit:  https://conf.kde.org/en/cki2020/public/events  
Register for the conference here: https://conf.kde.in
Please Note, entry to the conference venue will strictly be on a first-come-first-served basis. We will be able to accommodate about 300 attendees.

Piyush Aggarwal