Hi Jatin,

I know this year is a bit of an adjustment for everyone, so I hope you all are hanging in there!

I wanted to let your Hyderabad Python Meetup Group members know about our latest batch of hackathons to provide an opportunity to learn and improve skills and get a shot at some awesome opportunities, cash prizes and even a few Teslas :)

Here are the details you can pass along:

TypingDNA Hackathon
- Goal: Innovate and create anything you can think of as long as your project includes TypingDNA API calls.  Show us what you’d build given that you CAN recognize people based on their typing. 
- Prizes: $110,000 in prizes
- Deadline: October 31
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/TypingDNA20m

2020 Developer Circles Community Challenge
- Goal: Become the teacher and put your own innovative spin on developer education by creating written tutorials that showcase the capabilities of Facebook technologies.
- Prizes: Up to $133,000 in total prizes
- Deadline: October 26, 2020
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/DevC2020m

monday.com Build it Better Challenge
- Goal: Build a new monday App that allows teams to improve collaboration, communication, teamwork, or simply make daily work a little more joyful in one of the required categories (CRM, Software Development, Construction and field workers)
- Prizes: $184,000 prize pool, including Teslas, promotion, consultation and more
Deadline: November 30
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/monday20m

Quick Base Virtual Hackathon
- Goal: Calling on creative problem solvers to address today’s biggest challenges using Quick Base’s low-code platform.
- Prizes: $250,000 prize pool, including cash, promotion, and more
- Deadline: November 16
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/QBHack20m

Alexa Skills Challenge: Beyond Voice
- Goal: Build (or update) an Alexa skill that uses APL for Audio (beta), APL, motion and sensing APIs OR Alexa Web API for Games to add rich audio, visuals, or motion to your experience.
- Prizes: $97,000 prize pool including a trophy, cash, participation prizes, and more
- Deadline: November 17
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/AlexaBV20m

Microsoft Azure Hack for Social Justice
- Eligibility Note: US Only (See full rules for details)
- Goal: Hack for good and build an application prototype with Azure that helps empower communities and create change around one or more social justice issues. The application should be functional with real or sample data.
- Prizes: $10,000 prize pool
- Deadline: November 20
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/AzureSJ20m

(Reminder) Snap Kit Developer Challenge
- Goal: We’re calling on you to build something great, using at least one of our many Snap Kit developer tools. That’s why this challenge is searching for the best uses of Snap Kit in the following categories: Best Use of Dynamic Lenses, Best Use of Bitmoji, Best Design, Innovation Award, Best Overall Use of Snap Kit.
- Prizes: $10,000 USD prize pool, including cash and promotion
- Deadline: October 5
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/SnapKit2020m

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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