Thank you Mani.

Good wishes team.

Please let me if I can be of any help.   



From: E Manivannan <>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 9:17:34 PM
To: Mailing list for the PyCon India conference;
Cc: Ramanathan Ramakrishnamoorthy; Chirag Choudhary; gokul vasan
Subject: [Hydpy] Pycon India 2018 - Hyderabad
Hi All,
        It's Official now - Pycon India 2018 will be hosted in Hyderabad by Hydpy team. 

As next Step: I want to introduce key member of HydPy Team who will be looking at different aspect of the conference.
  • Ramanathan Ramakrishnamoorthy (Ram)
    • Responsible for CFP, Venue/Food & Faclities
  • Chirag Choudhary (Chirag)
    • Responsible for Sponsor, Website, Social Media & Design
  • Gokul Vasan (Gokul)
    • Responsible for Finance & Ticket

They will be sending next steps in forming work groups & publish list of moderator/DRI (Directly Responsible Individuals) for each working group.  Please provide support & enable them, so we can all have wonderful conference.