Hi All,

Hope you all are doing good and enjoying your holidays. 
We have got your holidays covered and made sure that all 
PyConf Hyd videos are available on YouTube. So feel free to
check out the talks, tutorials & keynotes in case you missed
any of the sessions.

YouTube Playlist - Available at this link [0]

We hope to see you all next year as well, do keep a watch
on our social media and stay connected - Twitter[1][2]

We wish you all a very Happy Holidays and coming new year.
Stay in touch.

Best Regards,
Team PyConf Hyd

[0] - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4jRm9g5TaAr6XX_tDYycVDc_fd3z46fj
[1] - @hydPython
[2] - @pyconfhyd