Hi All

PyCon India 2019 wants to fairly represent the complete Python
community in India.

That means not just the Python experts. It also means people from
unrelated fields for whom Python just happened to be the best tool for
their job. A tinkerer who made magic with Python. A Pythonista from an
underrepresented community. A novice, learning Python from the first
time (because learning Python now is not the same as learning Python a
decade back).

You can recommend any number of speakers. It is an opportunity to
discover the hidden gems of our community. Any Pythonista you believe
may have something to share, please recommend. We want to email to
them, inviting them to submit a proposal for a talk in PyCon India

If you want to propose a talk, the Call For Proposal page is
https://in.pycon.org/cfp/2019/proposals/ .

Thank you for making PyCon India a better community.

On Behalf of PyCon India Organizing Team