Hi Anand,

Hope you can come over for this meetup.

We are delighted to announce that HydPy – Hyderabad Python user’s group [1] is happy host meetup for month of June, 2017.

Awesome! But when is the meetup happening?

We are planning to organize meetup by end of June, 2017.

I think it should be the other way around. It is better to decide the venue/date first and then call for proposals.

I agree with your opinion too. Here, the idea is to have proposals first and then with respect speaker’s choice/convenience the date is to be decided.

Our past meetups have always been with pre-scheduled dates and venues.

This is the very first time HydPy has call for proposals via mailing list. Hence, we are waiting for the kind of response from the community members. Based on responses, we can always plan on your said pattern in future.

However, as the last date to submit CFP is 18th June, 2017, we ideally should be able to announce it well before the actual meetup date. It is mostly likely to happen on 24th June 2017.

We have options regarding venue. If we decide early with the talks we can also quickly have venue announced.

We surely will keep related notifications posted on our mailing list so that attendees can plan accordingly.



Prashant Jamkhande

Users mailing list

Email: prashantjamkhande@gmail.com