Dear Engineers,

I am a PhD student at UMA and I study the use of models in the software industry. I understand that this group discusses many issues related to development software. There is some research that states that agile development is no longer agile when models are used, others report that models are important. There is other research that shows that developers use their own annotations, their own models, these "ad-hoc" models must be identified and formalized, and the programming languages have evolved to be a modeling language themselves. You represent the truth of today's software development and therefore we need your help. Our purpose is to formalize the non-formal or ad-hoc annotations that are used for agile development and propose improvements for agile modeling with UML.

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Methodologies, Modeling languages and use in the software industry

This form requests some personal data as an optional form, I request it because it is possible that you provide some important experience and I need to contact you later. I promise that your participation in the possible publications will be recognized and if anyone wants to work with me and publish an article it will be an honor.

Thank you so much.