Kwant-discuss December 2016
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  • 8 discussions

How to caculate hall resistance
by ZHANG Bing
4 months, 1 week

Using Kwant for finding tunneling probability from metal to vacuum
by Kristjan Eimre
4 years, 11 months

How to attach the leads manually?
by Татьяна Григоренко
5 years

How do I get the index for a given site?
by Eric Mascot
5 years, 1 month

How can I use when using an orbital description
by Eric Mascot
5 years, 1 month

Curved Quantum Wire
by Oliver Generalao
5 years, 1 month

A question regarding the conductance formula in Kwant paper
by Camilla Espedal
5 years, 1 month

Transmission in ZGNR
by Abhishek Sharan
5 years, 1 month
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