Dear Joe, 

I am trying to investigate  a graphene using kwant and I would like to see if  any defect in the material (e.g. using del sys [a(0,0)] ) could make the  material becomes magnetic. Can this transformation be indicated by some changes in DOS ? I enclose the python codes.



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> Subject: Re: [Kwant] ldos.cumsum or ldos.cumprod
> Hi Dedi,
> > Hi there,
> > I tried the functions ldos.cunsum() and ldos.cumprod() and succeeded in obtaining the plot;but I do not know what the plots told me. Anyone can help ?
> Can you try and give some context as to what you are doing? It will be
> extremely difficult to help you if we do not know what it is that you
> are trying to do.
> Was there a previous message in this thread that I missed?
> > Below is the codes for the plot
> > data1 = []energies = np.linspace(1,4,101)for energy in energies: ldos = kwant.ldos(sys,energy) data1.append(ldos.cumsum())pyplot.figure()pyplot.plot(energies, data1)pyplot.xlabel("energy [t]")pyplot.ylabel("ldos")
> > and for the other plot I just changed the function ldos.cumsum() with ldos.cumprod().
> Could you please submit the code either: in the body of the email but
> properly formatted (so that it can be easily cut/pasted and be a valid
> Python program), or put it as an attachment.
> Thanks,
> Joe